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The Snuggle is REAL

by Mikal kHill

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Jessica Evans aka PokeMC Sapphire
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Jessica Evans aka PokeMC Sapphire Every song is a jam, and it features an all star cast of guests on these tracks about sadness, loneliness, and other super fun topics we dont always have the balls to talk about, yet Mikal always manages to turn into songs you cant stop singing. Such a great album, and I highly suggest that you buy this AND Human Disaster. Just saying. Favorite track: challenge your audience (featuring MC Frontalot & More or Les).
Rhokeheart thumbnail
Rhokeheart Some very cool conscious Hip-hop with alot of talented guests emcees and great production. Favorite track: outsiders (featuring Mega Ran).
Steeven R. Orr
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Steeven R. Orr Thumping, intricate beats. Smart lyrics that twist and flow in all the right ways. Great guest rappers.

Mikal kHill has crafted a heck of a record here. Can't wait to see what he does next! Favorite track: summertime sadness (featuring Adam WarRock & Chokeules).
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Mikal kHill: another cold winter but i'm back to burn everybody got an ego that I'm about to hurt give you the cold shoulder like a lover spurned but i get it already, and the respect is earned spun a couple records, now the tables turned spun all your fables, now the lessons learned graveyard shift, i'm digging up my past held onto my stomach till hurt got the last laugh held my hands white knuckled through the Whole crash and nowadays stack credit can't get the cash acid bath cannonball make the splash pissing off my old homies like a damon dash i understand, we get the joke but you cast illusions in a haze of smoke i was there at the starting line ready to blaze for folks first mistake was what that you ever spoke. DJ Mo Niklz: You think that's funny (it's a panic) I'm out here risking my neck for you What are you doing? Singing and dancing! Story of greed, sex, murder Parts that I don't like? I'm gonna edit out. My god, it'll be beautiful. Mikal kHill: the best advice i ever got was kill your heroes roll with a crew of like minded weirdos naysayers come aground neglect to hear those raise your voice but still speak real clear though if worse comes to worse you gotta scorch the earth never let 'em shortchange you on what you're worth play through the pain, endure the hurt remember who it was for when you wrote the verse don't write the song to be understood it's a line of breadcrumbs in a haunted wood when you can hear the wolves round on every side make it the bottle of fire, tell 'em you were born to die no matter how dark it is when you're in the middle of nowhere you'll always know, you got fam who's been there. death tries to hold you, grab his hand to dance life is what happens when you're fucking up other people's plans.
Mikal kHill: We're always outnumbered, never outsmarted still got red palms from tangling with the half-hearted halfwits that made fronting into an artform scared to step sideways to confront their silly norms I lived my life from the bottom up wish I could revisit my childhood home, leave it a charred husk last time the glass was half full i spilled the whole cup businesscard says whatever pays, you couldn't pay me enough so the field is null, sorting the columns best i can blood pouring out the knuckles both of hands carved my own path had to eat my own breadcrumbs swore from the first wouldn't forget where i came from powdered milk and block cheese mom working all day just to try to manage to feed the rest of the family while my dad was locked up a mental health facility, just goes to show cats will never be as ill as me. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. By the time the damn breaks we'll all be drowning in the blood. (No matter where I go, I'm always an outsider). Random: They say a nail that sticks out gets hammered, Picked on and Slandered , by those who don't understand it My birth wasn't planned I was planted upon this planet,  and sandwiched,Tween a rock and a hard place My homies wanted to be Scarface Didn't stay too long It's as if they all somehow missed the denouement and I Didn't have beautiful penmanship Cuz I was Counting my bruises and blemishes Left all my teachers confused by the images That I would always induce in my sentences Now it's..Haters, naysayers, family target your dreams They think the trauma I've endured is a marketing scheme Nerd core real hip hop either or Accolades are irrelevant no one is keeping score They feel the music as if it's seeping deep in the pores, The Defeated beaten torn, that's who I'm speaking for Ran with the cool kids but they were too bossy, Chilled with the geeks, but they were all softies, But trying to walk the line turns out to be costly, I Keep my goals lofty and forever stay frosty
Mikal kHill: when i was little i'd visit dad up in the mental ward issues coursing through my veins, just a matter of time the wires short back to thinking the worst and doing the wrong thing matter of course, it fuels the songs that i sing my only therapy another spoke in the wheel just a matter of time it turns around to how i feel in the worst way remember walking in the rain on my birthday happy circle knew the bubble'd burst in the first place fist clinched with the baseball bat worst case scenario already planned for that carving out my name, an empty hole in my heart in a court room in my twenties facing a bogus charge songs start to blend together, nothing but numb picking up speed, blacked out woke up they ask where i came from and i guess the real answer is one i'll never end up knowing but really that's secondary to where it is that i'm going Hook: It seems everybody's running from something but pessimism is a prison to me you're never looking to escape when you're living between the devil... between the devil and the deep blue sea Dr. Awkward: Half the time I don't have shit to say The other half the time I wish the former was the case... Tied down to reality, I'm bound with no escape Man I'm fucked all kinds of ways, my life is "Fifty Shades of Gray" They say the pain is how the disconnected always know what's real Sometimes I think it's better not to feel That's why I'm here in this hellhole, Talking to doctors That at first impressions wrote us off as lost causes Take a sip of the Whiskey, this living is tricky They tell me that I got lucky, that someone'd miss me That people out there love me and that I would make them victims But since I hit the hospital no one's been to visit When they told me I was lost, I had the realization No matter what the path we gonna reach the destination My roommate always seems the calmest when I hear him saying They ain't stop us from the end they just taught us to be patient
Adam WarRock: Seasonal affective disorder in full effect, but like the opposite Cuz for sandals and sunscreen, I ain’t an optimist Not like I have been, even when the blue skies clear Check the weather report, cuz what we bout to do right here We bout to rain on your parade, and bring the ants to the picnic Cheat at the three legged race, the team you wanna stick with NOFRIENDS, not even blood relatives get a pass in the streets Cuz at a family reunion, we start beef That goes for all y’all, wiffleball bat beat every one of y’all Drop the top on the convertible, then you hear the thunder squall Rap game statler and waldorf, grumpy old men Make the Jack Lemonade, while he’s scowlin’ like Walter Mathau So stop the talk of pretty sunsets and barbecues I wanna see it rain on your party dude , I wanna see the ground open up and start eating like everyone one of you to that special place where it’s hotter than even the summer, true Chokeules: How am I supposed to breathe when tomorrow's post could read/ Rest In Peace Chokeules, died of heat stroke disease/ Damn, sun, look what you did to me/ I'm on my knees screaming "Oh, the humidity!"/ Air is tight, sticking to me like a parasite/ Like they yelled "Excelsior!" at Celsius or Fahrenheit/ Started from the bottom now we're stuck/ Wishing it was autumn but my whole crew burning up/ CIty smells like a garbage pail, kid/ This ain't the party that we wanted, Will Smith/ Fitzgerald and Joplin rocking live records/ But real summertime's more like Sublime records/ Not good, hot hood on your ride/ Try a Luke Duke slide, melt a hole in your side/ I want cool hands y'all, not sweaty palms/ No Acey? I'm P.E.A.C.E., Already Gone/ Mikal kHill: I got that summertime sadness back to the hot badness still wearing jeans and all black matter of fact it's the abomniable flow man tossing sand back in your eyes why try, ask me to make plans i'm making an alibi i'm lamping in my house not trying to feel the suns rays you guys can kick it at the park i'm not trying to to get that cancer in my face i'd rather kick it with my dudes that hate it just like i do i heard there's a heat wave coming i got some ac to chill in with my crew and we're gonna do two things: drink a lot and play wii-u and it's fine if you wanna play volleyball, you go ahead and do you you know how kHill rolls, i'm so fresh so clean cause i avoid outdoor activity like the fucking ice King but i'll be doing my thing and plotting the rest of my scheme building building a freeze ray to stop the world, you know what i mean living the dream, that means my team's far from society brooding on my onyx throne, nofriends black flag beside of me.
Dopey Ziegler: listen, real rap, no similes frickin neat, is or isn't? is indeed! khill is a busy bee and pacing out my silky steez animate the heater, check the in-betweens, i'm flipping sheets watch the throne, still i'm sitting in an iller seat el pachuco, nexus 6, finna spit in cityspeak get a sixteen written, then i sit and sift and fix the deets accept defeat? never, since i picked a beat and sicced my peeps leave a rapper ill at ease, angling for maybe peace macklemore is fagin, sheikh--bang you out your make-believe give a remy's anus if he's aiming for some hateful speech or cranium's are vacant y'all should pray, the way my patience leaks y'all should pay for me to say the type of shade i think stay evading AV-bladed haters who just play as link i'm a jaded geek, sapient, this ain't caprice when i predate and savor the buffet until your clade's extinct Hook: you wanna tell 'em what it is i'm gonna tell em what it isn't the last thing i'd do is lie to try to get with it worked into an ulcer in the belly of the beast now you' still wringing you're hands, we'll still be holding it down. Mikal kHill - since the dawn of man the son of sam i am with the master plan sheeva opens her arms but bear hugs leave her saying damn bad time kids stay mean throwing hands pulling foul shit invaders ina foreign land don't need that grimetime, i sideline and keep my style free my time grimtime with a cold glare to put you ill at ease flow so dope krokodil users left begging me please methadone addicts begging me for hot sixteens but not ill enough to get my dad to stop the same old things or mom to set the bottle down and let her liver be , so here's a toast to the memories a drink brings and to the dopest sad song singer to ever whisper the words that god wrote me you can quote me in fact i'd kinda prefer it and if you got enough in that flask i'd even happy to slur it came here for a good time, well guess what? i didn't i came here to do my thing and you can fuckin' deal with it.
Timbuktu: _no ones safe the symphincs/ blowing up the spot this kid is tim laden/ spread like a plauge the shit is bubonic/ the flu bug out the boom box you got it/ _raps's reckless mass infectious/ mobs in the streets and they can't arrest us/ wild west shit desperate despots/ aggressive iron grip eat that ass for breakfast/ Ghettosocks: no I'm not sexist this is called art/ criticize my tunes while I sell em outta wall mart/ fuck around and catch me posted up where the blondes are/ babes outta this world no Roberta Bondar/ the gods known to get a little head like a false start/ and kill a couple rappers in the grass with a lawn dart/ wake up hella early in a tux made of aardvark / and wrap up my job interview with a long fart/ Nem: This is not a game or a gimmick, we rockin' full throttle and we gettin' it (gettin it) You gon' know my name when I finish, so pop open a bottle 'cuz Im gettin it (gettin' it) Rise up! Better know who you dealin' wit Get louder! Lemme know that you feelin it Cant stop us! Now you know that we gettin' it Gettin it (x3) Mikal kHill: ayo born under a bad sign, glomgold levels of grime on the amazon mine grind till i die but running out of time set myself up for the last laugh: did 10 sommersaults and piroutted and flipped backwards right into a blood bath devil came down to charlotte, he was working A&R said add some trap hi-hats and i could go far you living in a glass house, getting stones ready to throw what's a couple rocks, i lived my life as a tornado. Sulfur: Wait yo-- We goin blow for blow on the beat PA like a furnace, everybody feel the heat Know they gonna taste defeat if they step to mine Wrap about ya neck with the fishing line What's ya sign? Think your horoscope is wrong Suggestin you'll be breathin by the end of this song Actin chicken, need to take your ass back in the coup Call yourself the shit-- Your really just poop Nem: This is not a game or a gimmick, we rockin' full throttle and we gettin' it (gettin it) You gon' know my name when I finish, so pop open a bottle 'cuz Im gettin it (gettin' it) Rise up! Better know who you dealin' wit Get louder! Lemme know that you feelin it Cant stop us! Now you know that we gettin' it Gettin it (x3)
Mikal kHill: challenge your audience change the game a couple times flip the script or otherwise you're just wasting the rhymes i mean, it's true I got the level maxed out running round flipping out on the internet fools now maybe you wanna step up with magic cards or maybe you wanna join me marching next week holding placards maybe you think you can see me in a game of super mario 3 or maybe you wanna join me at book club for some feminist readings? My politics lean just a little past left i think i'm the only anarcho-socialist in nerdcore, right? but anyway, yeah, call me out however you can man between rounds of Mortal Kombat I'm reading Emma Goldman but, look i'm not trying to get labeled as an extremist you can ask jesse dangerously i remain the once and future meanist evolution is growth, i seek knowledge and seize it and you're left with a modifier of negative three. MC Frontalot: You don’t have to be aggressive about it, get all stressed and you shout out, “Can I get my shit a little louder? I’m trying to convince these crown princes of apathy to pay more attention to life’s rich tapestry!” Maybe better you just slip it in their consciousness, trick em into thinking that they’ll never face a consequence for being audience-members and standers-by. But on the way home, minds get randomized. Fall asleep thinking what if everything I know is wrong? Earlier tonight I heard a song, rapper said he’d take me on, face to face Connect Four. Now I donno what he meant. Rewind, selector! Les: Ay yo, I get it - still a tad bit pathetic. You're tryin’ to get a date, I'm tryin’ to do this here for credit. Show, fa’ sho’ I've got this mastered in degrees Mister Fantastic couldn't see. To stretch my mind to stretch your mind is the work that's assigned to me to do right from sun to moon light, I study. You write 'cause – let me guess - that you like the money that's discussed but, funny, never seen. It's ugly cause the stream of rev' is from other means. Don't get me wrong: ain't nuttin’ wrong wit' sellin jeans But is your tune a promo song, or song that shows that you emcee, wit’ lotsa shit to get across to a group of real hungry fiends? You think it's coke that I mean, but I'm talkin’ 'bout eggs wit beans. That's the challenge that I take on – make y'all think differently. My POV's to make Art. Pays off quite consistently. I disbelieve all claims on staid thoughts makin’ bigger cheese. An iller steeze is "Brain On" - takes balls. Hey y'all-- Challenge Your Audience Cause that's the job. No way to give it up or pass it off to last at all. Challenge Your Audience Wit’ these tunes so you don't suffer obscurity and fade real soon. Straight truth. Challenge Your Audience Prime Directive, if you're tryin’ to connect wit peeps and find respect up in this scene. Challenge Your Audience Cause that's the job. No way to give it up or pass it off.
kidDEAD: Hey yo, the king of the sad rap is back Burning backpacks in the backyard pour out gasoline flasks The sun is shining, but there's no rainbows Pain stays plain clothes Undercover run my name to try and claim flows Their brain froze Orange Lazarus To speak is hazardous When you lack the proper adjectives, words can't be your catalyst Running dumb, dummy puns In the sun, I saw a reflection off a solar flare and knew my time had come Come one, come all Yeah, the empire will fall Like JNCO jeans without a belt An embarrassment to yourself Not to mention bad intentions You lackin the proper vision Just a middle man from life and death But, maybe you really did your best Maybe you really made your mark Not just an asshole like tony stark Go take long walks thru the park and think about where it starts Lots of regrets to be had You can change your mind about every one Or just think about all the ways to kill yourself without a gun Shane Hall: Shane Hall keep it serious but sloppy brain y’all till you’re delirious like poppies people wanna use they posse as a proxy really wanna stop me but ain’t got the moxy carbonated, suited up actin bossy you deflated, really suck that’s how ya lost me envigorated to do it up now just watch me don’t think I got the gumption but assumptions are costly shabby dudes grab mics to mock me but these scrappy doo’s ain’t got the height to box me it’s arm’s length, doin dances like I’m Fosse sardonic wit to enhance the melancholy a dark comic shit taking my chances at a folly I am what I am so it doesn’t matter what ya call me walk the walk,talk the talk buit it ain’t posi laugh an awful lot waka waka call me fozzie Mikal kHill: honestly chuckling while they claim to bomb atomically lately I get hostile even when facing my own colleagues preposterous to see another mc chewing devil-weed garbage metaphors about a triangle thats isosceles laugh hysterically team derelict dreaming: prosperity in the breadline mean mugging the guards stare at me i don't care, you see? i told you already how it was going now i'm on an ocean spinning in circles, alone and rowing birds overhead do vultures really fly so far exit strategy to kill myself holding The Bell Jar i guess i fell far hit every branch on the way down charlie brown, holding the football with a terse word and a frown now now, cut open, the insides fall all rotten i spoiled the ending for myself, more words i've forgotten the captain tied to the mast laughing the whole way to the bottom burned out faster than dry leaves in the sun of autumn
Schaffer the Darklord: Well it's been ten years since I went in fear on a mission The captain of a solo expedition And it goes so slow though I'm following thrills I'm going yo ho ho and a bottle of pills So I can cope with what I go through, so true All hands on deck are two, no crew And no white whale, no known safe route Taking on water, I don't bother to bail out 'Cause I know how this ends, friend, I signal distress and Then pirates are sent, I just remember what Jess said When I see the hovering birds "All our fam on every world, all we have is our word" If I strive, survival's assured, or so at least I've heard Every course I've set has sent me headed for icebergs I stay afloat, forward, never rowing ashore I sail alone, laying lower than the ocean floor Hook [Sang while swaying]: We're back on board the sinking ship. Mikal kHill: it's almost been ten years since they came for me and i'm still waiting for a second vist, see i narowly escaped but that's just the thing once they've got you, you're never really free who's bitter? i'm not bitter i'm simply always mad as hell i first boarded the ship when the haunted brig set sail a slow ride to nowhere strapped to the broken mast they made me captain when i laughed out loud last so where we gonna go? we're going straight to the bottom sought solace my whole life, but you can't forget where you came from wanted to catch one but when my limit break finally maxed it was just my wrist bent brittle when i collapsed star in a circle in lines of salt i thought i'd have it all once i kileld john galt but i guess you were right when you sternly said that we'll walk this trail till the day we're dead
Mikal kHill: Some say i'm bitter at best botched dissection own favorite subject mastered misdirection no bad dub tracks in my catalog I set myself apart, rap game demagogue did a little sentence on the road a few times to realized someone else could feel these rhymes whatever that means reading back over it, both eyes glaze staring at a dusty screen what did it mean? That's the sad part, right? A lot of it meant nothing but it hurt a long time and I said it was fine. Truth is? I lied. We were both uncomfortable, but we towed that line right to the edge of town where there's no streetlights beat it with a crowbar and left in the woods that night and never spoke about it again, but we could see it on each other's face every time we tip our drinks Jesse Dangerously: when i say I'm out here, which i rarely do i mean I'm on the road and wish i had the stamina to carry you but boy are my arms tired, and boy are my hands tied I'm a five alarm fire, a lawyer, a franchise before your damn eyes, before your friends ask i spend cash enough to buff the errors in my syntax terror in a tin can, can't work the opener flick of the wrist, turn a crank, crack a coconut cigarette flick, burn a bank, back the moment up stack your homies up. pandemonium. I'm not the only one, pony up, I'll tell you only Once... I SMELL AMMONIA Growing up my own opponent was a practice round No one else was gonna blow us up or back us down That's the sound of a profound lack of action I want the satisfaction, I'm on it like a pack of hounds... Hook: I lie in bed with a crying headache and try and get it Straight, wide awake and pensive in quite a sensitive State. Haunted by mistakes I've repented repetitive Await the light of day to fly away and find a better place Hey! paddle a little faster don't look at the water look at me when i'm screaming hear me when i'm believing mourn me when you're done grieving forget me while you're sleeping... There's no such thing as a progressive in a funeral march.


"kHill put a lot of work into the construction of the sound of this album, and the payoff is some really fun tracks that keep rewarding with repeat listens." - scratchedvinyl.com

A formal precursor to the 2016 release, "Human Disaster," "The Snuggle is REAL" sets the tone for kHill's latest development in his sound, showcased succinctly in an album of 90's flavored production that calls to mind Pete Rock, early DJ Muggs and even Rza. It's a fresh take on kHill's signature bitcrushed prog-samples, filtered basslines and crunchy drums, with each song accompanied by guitarist Andy Weant's tasteful fretwork.

Assembling a who's-who of nerd rap allstars, this album features many first-time collaborators including nerdcore OG MC Frontalot, as well as standout's Schaffer the Darklord, Mega Ran, numerous members of the Backburner crew, and more.

There are currently no plans for a CD release of this album, but collectors will have the option of purchasing the album as as limited edition cassette, which of course comes with a digital download for your MP3 player.


released September 23, 2014

Produced by Mikal kHill, except:
"summertime sadness" and "light of day" produced by cecilnick.

Mixed by cecilnick of Autocorrect (autocorrectsound.bandcamp.com).
Recorded by kHill & cecil with help from Chris.

Cover art by Thor Thorvaldson. (thormeister.deviantart.com).

Mikal kHill - Vocals, programming, keyboards & nintendos.
Andy Weant - Guitar


all rights reserved



Mikal kHill North Carolina


Member of:
Two Weeks Notice.

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