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Jay-Radd Mikal "Melancholy" kHill drags you into his world to wallow in sonorous echoes of allegorical nerd culture poetry disguised as deep, angst-ridden Hip-Hop. Not for those with suicidal tendencies. Favorite track: ONLYFAM (featuring Adam WarRock, Sulfur, & Tribe One).
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Jeremiah This whole album is amazing. The music and lyrics are just awesome. I love the One last walk track a lot. It just makes you feel. Great producers and lyricists on this album. Favorite track: One Last Walk.
Stevie Kincade
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Stevie Kincade Incredibly varied album that shows the different styles kHill can kill. "Im awesome" is as fun as "Romero's last choice" is thought provoking. Favorite track: Romero's Last Choice.
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"With this one album, 'dust,' Mikal kHill proves that he's not all fun and Nintendos while resurrecting one of the best-kept-secret producers in the game - Romero Shaw (formerly known as Varick Pyr). These lyrics are written and executed well over elegantly crafted beats. What else do you need? I recommend it!"
-Ceschi Ramos
Fake Four, Inc.

"You guys did some really fucking nice stuff here."
- Sage Francis
Strange Famous Records


released December 13, 2011

Vocals by Mikal kHill except "Only Fam" featuring Sulfur, Adam WarRock, Tribe One aka The NOFRIENDS FAM.

Scratches on "Romero's Last Choice" by Mikal kHill.

Produced by Romero Shaw.

Mixed and mastered in the HOUSE OF KHRACK.



all rights reserved


Mikal kHill Charlotte, North Carolina

I make nerdcore rap about videogames, zombies, and feeling bad.
Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin Mixtape with Adam WarRock. 1/4th of NOFRIENDS. Founder of the ThoughtCriminals.

Mikal kHill - Vocals, production, various instruments.
Andy Weant - Guitar, Vocals
Jessamine Thursday - Keyboards, Vocals
Sulfur - Bass, Vocals, Vocal percussion.
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Track Name: Inside the Box
Born into a world of misunderstanding and resentment
begining was never as complicated as the way it was meant
it's the same tale
it gets told a thousand times
the truth behind a million kids putting together simple fuck you lines
behind a million crimes, a million good intentions
when i was doing good, never resorted to no foul shit
but nowadays things just get carried away
the nerdy kid you liked is now the one sneaking it out the back way
it is what it is, a lot of my friends caught up in shady shit
but can't deal with, misrepresentation that is all they get
i never claim to be a saint, deny the role as sinner
refuse to accept the role of loser when I see so many unjust winners
i look in my daughter's face i see my grandmother's eyes
when i look into my wifes, hear the one word: survive
whatever it takes. whatever it means to get from there to here
when i was younger the world seemed so fucking crystal clear
nowadays there's nothing left to feel
i never find the connections spinning off some old dusty reel to reel
the pigs squeal
the sheep all speak but say nothing
i spent my life in your face, never waste my time bluffing
but i guess that's sorta the message
can't win a losing battle
you are just another piece of meat shuffle beside the other cattle
hear the death rattle, it's shaking in the crib
never make it out , trapped in the box.
you can't even remove the lid.

burn the tapestry
fuck it. wrote my own epitaph
read it aloud to anyone that would listen
then summed up my feelings in a paragraph
the walking dead. the zombie missing his heart
driven by brain, you know i never miss the good part
i'm the kind of guy that waits for hte credits at the end of hte film
resenting the people around me until i realize that i've become them
die on a whim
but at least the whim was mine
fly into the clouds, but i'd never say i was driving blind
i know exactly what it is that moves me
exactly what i feel
exactly what the game is
wrote the terms, maybe a bad deal
scortched my name into this
burned my fate into the sky
complete unwillingness to meet you halfway to say goodbye.
a beam of light in the darkness that could never show the way
and a sword i kept swinging till there was no one left to hear what i had to say.
and i think i like it that way.
Track Name: dust (interlude)
He said...
"My entire empire has turned to dust."
And then he smiled. Through crooked teeth, he laughed. Then, he said...
"I never been good at goodbyes, I'm just good at long stories.
Still not any good at endings."
Track Name: One Last Walk
dearly beloved... loving it doesn't mean succombing to it
whatever we endure we'll just push through it
whatever we must do we do it until there's nothing else left
struggle my whole life to take one less labored breath
succomb to the bass clef,
buried in the stress from birth to death
i got a couple regrets but it's got more to do with how I handle it
my whole i life? i dismantled it
never shoulda taken your forsaken gift
and ran away with it
but it is what it will be until we're both dust and grit
a life caught in a tail spin and all i can do smile to mask a grimace
so if you feel this
odds are things are fucked around your way
odds are you might be struggling
every single second the pressure doubling
but speak loud, fuck mumbling
idiots step down, we never slow from stumbling
told you awhile back i dreamed about today
i tried my damndest, you wouldn't turn back this way
kept walking towards your own sunset
maybe i shoulda tried harder to get your attention
but you know what? i refuse. keep the blame
i tried and you played it out like you knew your fate
step up, climb against the grain
you never fucking stop you just play right through the pain
sing the last chorus,grin through the refrain
when you carry my casket down, you sing a song in the rain.
here we go: one last walk last walk together

one last walk, then we're done forever.

who cares about weather.

i never meant to be anything but what i am
i can sing my songs, and I'll stick to the plan
stick to the script no need for ad libing
life is just life, you take what you're given

I'll tie a pretty ribbon
around this cold grey stone
You know me, can't leave well enough alone
Can't ever stop once the joke isn't funny
i knew we were both broke
but don't always mean money
it's never sunny
not around these parts
it's never sunny
not around these hearts
we are the children of a lesser god
one who watched the bruises form and didn't make them stop
okay, i see it, know you feel something
you think i know, i see through your fronting.
i know exactly how it feels being this fucked up
it's over. it's done. it's time to suck it up.
it's time to move on. it's time to move something.
something other than the excuses...
i didn't ask you to justify it.

i didn't ask you for nothing.
Track Name: Broken Glass
I do more with less
you do less with stress
hitting me up asking for favors, and now you finally attest:
the struggle to make art with the day to day grind
can be a bit much for your broke down, feeble and weary mind
but either you make time or you make nothing
i can tell you're bluffing you already know it's never enough
and well, i always have the last laugh, and
you shouldn't throw stones when you live in a pile of broken glass
stained with images from someone elses past
i type out words, wondering what it even means
keep going until i spit blood on a broken crt screen
it's about time
i been unraveling out the pieces of my mind onto a billion sheets of paper
now i feel like i'm finally ready to get to work with this pile of razors
whenever i find myself back in this old situation
it's never gonna be this abraisive again
i keep telling myself that,
but then i wind up killing all these new cats
here we go arms outstretched
a vulture on the breeze
you can say whatever you want
that doesn't mean it can touch me

take me or bereave me
take me or leave me.

you were right
i was never that interested
you were a simplton subtracting from everything
a student with no regard for the lessons
the stresses you envoke were self perscribed
i'm the zombie, you're just a corpse, either way, i'm still alive
you can't comprehend my methods or my madness
the fact of the matter is, you bring those around you nothing but sadness
the badness? it's not contagious
don't mistake your self destructive streak for being courageous
you're a fucking failure
on so many different levels
i'm the idiot for thinking I could help you escape your host of devils
it's alright, though
i'm finally coming back to my senses
by realizing i'll never help you escape the weight of your of your offenses
i weep for your seeds, the fact they came from an orchard of wilting trees
i hope they can grow up, escape the hereditary disease
we'll see how it goes, your a broken branch that never grows
i'm the first time your story has been put to anything with artistic merit to show
let me know whenever you are ready to say you're sorry
i'll be waiting to tell you that i told you so
the fact of hte matter is, i was your only friend through thick and thin
and you burned another bridge and I'm so greatful you finally did
a noose around your neck is not an albatross around mine
i just wish now i could reclaim some of my lost time
it's gonna be fine, i mean at least on my end it finally is
you are just one example of me shedding some sort of silly kid
who never learns
see that in the sky?
you're just ashes.
Track Name: I'll Be Here
for me or against me
with or wihtout
i spoke the same words ten years ago
and you walked out
well, no doubt
it ain't all love
and you know me, my bitter ness fits like a killers golf gloves
never enough
what i heap on and try to do
then i remember myself
try to forget you
do whatever it is we do to get through
end of hte day it don't matter who turns the screws
you ain't put in the work
you ain't get the payoff
you ain't get the paycheck?
it wasn't about a layoff
as of the time i was 5, iwas already a writer
i thought we was boys, we coulnd't have been less tighter
look, what you do doesn't even effect me
i never asked you to help me, much less protect me
forget me.
do your best, I promise it's fine
but don't make yourself look sheepish, trying to covet what's mine.
it's fine.
just tow your end of the line.
i'll still be here next time.

big man.
hung up on whatever it is
i don't get up in your personal space
don't go hating on my shit
i don't give a fuck about anyone, I got NOFRIENDS
cowards misundersatnd
that means i got more friends
your ends
don't stack up in my cellar, i'm more of that cellar dwellar type
type a dude to bring a pipebomb to a knife fight
if i go down i'm taking everybody around with me, aight?
one night, you might hear my name in conversation
reflect on my words, how you resigned to stagnation
just remmeber
i gave you an outstretche dhand
you gave me nothing but a bunch of bullshit from the stands
so put your hands up where my eyes can see
i don't do this for you.
i do this for me.

summer was too hot for me
winter too cold
there's no spring or fall
i'm getting too old
do your best, i promise it's fine
i'll still be here when you show up nextime.

chill in the air
same old same old
you know me
most comfortable cold
clouds in the sky
eyes all red
ask for more time,
dark too soon instead
can't forget
and can't remember
been a long time since that last december
Track Name: R. Dorothy Wayneright
Nightengale. To kill a mockingbird
the daughter of a capitalist
with a voice like you never heard
you're a louse
she said it with that flat expressin
the truth is the truth though, so I just take it as another lesson
on my way through negotiations, usually shit is gonna turn south
have to deal with this goofy asshole running his mouth
then it's time to hit the street
cracking concrete with every step i take, i don't pack heat
it's not my style
rock it both wicked and wild with a smirk that is as close as i come to a smile
a memory, or is it something else? denial
the clothes stay black, match my grim profile

and this is a city of amnesia, city of amnesia city of amnesia
dorothy, dorothy

Love doesn't rearrange because the curtains get changed
in a city with no past, the future is still where hte balance hangs
they say there's ghost underground
pieces of the memories
hit the bar, get the word, then slide dude a 20
we got somewhere we got to go
i know
you'd rather sit at home and play on the piano
but i wanna hear something with some real fucking soul
you just mimic what others do, that's nothing, i'd rather listen to the radio
truth be told, i don't believe in angels
and there's something in my song birds sharp right angles
how many times you gotta keep me from getting mangled
how many times will our words get tangled
this city is garbage, but i know you still with me
cast in the name of god, ye not guilty.
Track Name: Something To Lose
why would you be scared of someone with nothing to lose?
i got a lot on my mind other than just the booze
and the reality comes down to this
my business is my business
best pray you stay out of it
i don't know who they told you that i was
but the fact of the matter is i spit fire and turn you to fucking dust
i'm on that shit you don't wanna be
but if you wanna find out come see me
i know exactly who i am, no emo kid god damn
i was that nerdy kid ready to flip in high school to son of sam
i was that dude thinking about burning it down
and i woulda laughed about it, too, no trace of a frown
but i'm grown up now, i got seeds of my own
not risking my homelife, so i'll let you know
that a snake gets stepped on
i call my crew nofriends
cause i don't got time for folks that ain't down to the end.
Track Name: Romero's Last Choice
he said, I'm not sure i'm fucked up enough for this
close my eyes, I'm locked in an abyss
bodies in stacks around me
open up wide, red eyed red cracks all through
trying to think about why
i wound up in this position again
feeling like i got no friends to the end
whatever you wanna do let me know fast
and we're gonna do this like that megaton bomb blast
it's the grindstone b-boy, doing whatever i need
to take those decoys back out your hands
the man wiht no master plan falling through and then
struggle with both hands, to pick it up and stand
well god damn,there's reall know such thing as a promised land?
i'll go ahead and struggle to believe it
my body's gonna be dirt before we ever reach it
but you know what, no you don't. you don't know shit.

Tell me how.

emerald hill zone, struggle to touch gold
lucky if my hands touch food that ain't covered in mold
i hold you in my soul
working toward your heart
voice like the dragonborn, ripping fools apart
so don't start
i knew who i was from the womb
never stop working towards either elevation or doom
fuck the doors, i wanna blow the walls out the room
too soon. message like a monsoon
genre's don't die i'm a necromancer
your stance is foolish, dead dinosaur, trapped in amber
pale skin panther, claws extended
people don't care about your start, it's about how it ended
anger rescended. do you.
just don't expect benefits from nothing you didn't help to do.
stay true. speak truth.
never let nobody tell you what you can and cain't do.

Tell me how.
Track Name: I'm Awesome
it's another song about how awesome i am
about how i am the fucking man

my shit is dope
i mean fucking worship myself
i don't give a fuck
i keep my poop on a shelf in a jar
cause i can't bear to throw it away
cause everything i do is dope today
tommorrow and forever
the shit htat i spit is so clever
i'm on my own balls like i was some hair
i don't give a fuck yo, pass me the nair
i'll blast the hair off my nutsack
it's nothing to me, fools need to step back
that's the way i do this now:
come through speaking in monotone like colin powel
i don't even know what that's supposed to mean
met ben stine, put his fucking head through a tv screen
but it's alright, listen what i told you first
i come through spitting venom with a blood thirst

It's anther song about how fucking
Awesome I am.

i put you in a fucking hearse
the way that i do this is striaght unrehearsed
get on stage, spit freestyle with no verse
about shit that don't make no sense that's mostly curse words
maybe 30 bars, making me sound dumb
but you know what, your girl still eats my... hamburgers
when she comes over to the house
and i'm already in the yard, chilling, grilling out
she puts one her mouth, and i'm like that's cool do what you wanna do
want some of my wife's potato salad, that's cool too
and then maybe she'll have some onion rings
we'll just be lamping, doing hte fucking thing
maybe we'll play some wiis ports, i dunno
maybe she'll sit there for 20 minutes and talk about my flow.
you know.
it's whatever.
you are certainly subservient
lost within a whirlpool kids
a trap designed with a sealed exit
you are not the tools of those seeking a better tommorrow
they line the path with what's mine
no restitution on your sorrow
what's your name
can you hear me even talking
what's your name
we need a medic
alright just keep walking
maintain a bitter smile
in a shitstorm with a broke umbrella
they don't want it with us, no
they want the envelopes manilla
i wanna sense of some secuirty
didn't go to the highest bidder
preaching the purity
so here we go again
speaking in doubletimes
expressed through doublethink
doubleplusgood nightmare
drown it in the kitchen sink
powdered milk
block cheese
cold heat
winter here
once again
dust in lungs
you see what i did there?

what's your name?


i guess it was just another daydream you had
things are always bad
you think things are improving, but that's just a small tad
do the math, you think you can fuck with em?
when you are on the wrong end of the fucking caste system
can't raise your voice loud enough to laugh
whenever the most you can hope for is being a splash in the blood bath
shit gets bad you turn athiest
ain't even got a prayer
can't hold control, you aren't even a player
we all say, praise the man jesus
thankee sai
but got no hands to wave when we're saying goodbye
born from a cold womb
zombies in stasis
we're all living a lie
the same same look on our faces
everyone assume your places
the curtain is going up
so the last thing i could give you at this point is a FUCK
what occupies your mind
you seem preoccupied
seem preoccupied
seem preoccupied.

we all do what we gotta do to get by
we still breathing
we never sleeping
we're all living a lie
so get up
get out
get mad
get loud
case the joint till you got a plan
kick the door in and get to work man
time is money
money is time
time isn't on your side
and my time isn't mine
get down to the break down
ride or die
that means whatever you want it to
Track Name: ONLYFAM (featuring Adam WarRock, Sulfur, & Tribe One)
and once again this is NOFREINDS
Try step talking that trash to me or my mans
you get stomped out
no doubt that’s how we do it
you had one chance
you grabbed the fuse and straight blew it

aight, i don’t need no teflon don style
been repping for a while
flows so fit, it’s the one minute mile
i’d have none without bad luck
my crew’s nerds that rap hard
mentally scarred and fucked up
some done time, some is former lawyers
most broke as fuck, but even a couple ballers
the yes yallers up live on stage
with a cadance scattershot
but buck like a 12 gauge
trying to get paid,
put the freeze on fucks till i’m up in the grave
as in... at this time, there’s no distribution
the industry apocolypse
infected contusions
losers, got their hands on the trophy
don’t realize that it don’t exist, they don’t see
it’s nothing out here but them grimey dudes in suits
snakes. ain’t nobody giving you loot.
so give a hoot.
i’m trying to make a difference
by spitting stuff so hot it’ll make you shit your britches
i don’t call girls bitches.
say that about my daughter
watch how fast this shit becomes a slaughter
i ain’t on that bullshit, no fake al capone
i got my friends fucking up your life hacking your phone
hacking up your bank or breaking in your house
creep up in your bedroom stab you in the mouth
what’s it all about? you wanna keep talking
if i was you son, i think i’d keep walking
it’s NOFRIENDS, this is how we do this
motherfuckers get it straight, eradicate the clueless

One of the only reasons I lost faith in life
Was when my dad lost faith in his wife (that's fuckin' trife)
I seen a family crumble, and kept me haggard and humble
So when I had to succumb to life outside of my door
I went...and found friends in school, growing together
But even they faded as days turned to years, whatever
And I realized that friendship was faker than fuck
So I crawled past the finish line, knees were scraped up
That's when rap became a thing, and after that would bring
More fake vultures, tryin' to profit off fake culture
I saw the knives backstabbed in ‘em, proof of business plans with 'em
Dead broke, but "get money" was tatted on their abdomen
And I don't count on them, nor god or his plan
I watch the door when I'm eatin', and I'm careful when shaking hands
So NOFRIENDS is the only constant here in my life
So fuck y'all, cuz only fam's allowed on the mic

I've met a lot of people in my lifetime
And some wanna be friends of mine
yea, that shit is fine
but when the line is crossed
the battle lost
and the chips down
they're the first ones
to never be found
and I'm clever
been around
I learned long ago
if you ain't in the
same boat
can't expect to row
(((so just go)))
naw, I ain't
too good to chill
just don't expect to reap
if ya weren't
here to till
and that fill from
be hittin me right
when I fight for
my family each and
every night
I recite battle cries
for drunk guys
on stages
most scared
to even rattle bars
on the cages
but we the mages
conjuring words
that pierce through senses
even when the visions blurred
so rest assured
go to war for my fam
and never think twice
to leave the rest in the sand

Brothers an sisters, lovers an listeners
To the anti government stubborn resistors
Huddle together to discuss it in whispers
Tongue twisters leave you smothered and covered in blisters
Forget the philistines, we're building a scene
On skills and militant supervillainous schemes
Silver age tech and thought criminal means
And the power of will like we were still in our teens
Fulfilling a dream burning candles at both ends
Lights out sly and the family stone henge
These tree roots grew branches that won't bend
My demand is only family NOFRIENDS
No Kodak camera moments NOFRIENDS
Hold no plans to be old men NOFRIENDS
standing on dry land or the ocean NOFRIENDS
I want to see the palms of your hands all the way open!