The Snuggle is REAL (Original Demo Mixes & Analogue to Digital Transfer)

by Mikal kHill



This is the bonus material for "Artist Edition" of the Snuggle is REAL. If you are not familiar with the original album, you should instead listen to the actual album at before bothering with these alternate takes and performances.

Here you will find, in full, the original demo mixes done for all the songs by Mikal kHill before rerecording and revising the record with cecilnick in his studio. Some of the beats are different, some of the rapping is different. In the case of "Walkdown" you will hear that the original demo only featured Sulfur and his verse was completely different than what appeared on the final release. "Sinking Ship" also features two verses performed by kHill and an alternate guitar solo from Andy Weant, pulled from the same session that produced the final take. You may notice some volume variances between tracks due to the fact that these are the original demos, presented as-is. It felt weird to go back and try to mix them differently or pretty them up, when really the whole point is to show you the difference of the initial babysteps for the album to the final mixes you already know.

Also contained in this download you'll find the cassette-to-digital transfer of Snuggle is REAL album as the final two tracks. That version of the album was mastered by the manufacturers of the cassettes and has some subtle differences from the digital download. To maintain the "authenticity" of this transfer, it has been done as two complete tracks (Side Eh and Side Bae) and the lead-in and lead-out has been left in the tracks exactly as they appear on the cassette mixes.

The "cassette transfer," is actually how I originally had concieved releasing the album: Two separate sides, with an inability to skip tracks without fastforwarding or rewinding, simulating the experience of listening to an album on cassette. In my mind, these two tracks represent the most "accurate" way to listen to the album and I hope you enjoy listening to them this way.


released May 1, 2015

Produced by Mikal kHill, except:
"summertime sadness" and "light of day" produced by cecilnick.

Mixed by cecilnick of Autocorrect (
Recorded by kHill & cecil with help from Chris.

Cover art by Thor Thorvaldson. (

Mikal kHill - Vocals, programming, keyboards & nintendos.
Andy Weant - Guitar
DJ Mo Niklz (Scratches on Mistakeover).

Additional vocals by Mega Ran, Dr. Awkward, Adam WarRock, Dopey Ziegler, Sulfur, Teenburger (Timbuktu & Ghettosocks), MC Frontalot, More or Les, kidDEAD, Shane Hall, Schaffer the Darklord & Jesse Dangerously.



all rights reserved


Mikal kHill Charlotte, North Carolina

I make nerdcore rap about videogames, zombies, and feeling bad.
Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin Mixtape with Adam WarRock. 1/4th of NOFRIENDS. Founder of the ThoughtCriminals.

Mikal kHill - Vocals, production, various instruments.
Andy Weant - Guitar, Vocals
Jessamine Thursday - Keyboards, Vocals
Sulfur - Bass, Vocals, Vocal percussion.
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