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Jordan "AToastyStrudel" Johnson
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Jordan "AToastyStrudel" Johnson Made me a little emotional. Kickass overall. Favorite track: "Coming Out Wrong" (Original Beat from "Different" by Tribe One).
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Jay-Radd "FUND RAISER" (took me weeks to figure that out) is a work of genius. The swapping of instrumentals amongst musical peers is a practice that needs to happen more often. Just imagine if The Rolling Stones had traded guitar tabs with The Beatles, or Biggie Smalls swapped beats with Tupac; great right? this sort of collaboration is indicative of a cultural evolution that just gives me the biggest Mind-Boner. Favorite track: "MY NAME IS DEMONOS" (Original beat from "WHATS YOUR NAME" by Mikal kHill & Romero Shaw).
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modem This album always confuses me. Favorite track: "Ultraman" (Original beat from "Kaiju" by Tribe One).
Dexter Tunseeprasert
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Dexter Tunseeprasert Some of these guys' best work. The choice to switch beats was incredibly deft. Favorite track: "Nerd Cred" (Original beat from "Tim I Said No Guests" by Jesse Dangerously & Timbuktu).


On this collection you'll hear each of the rappers from the NOFRIENDS 2012 tour rapping over their personal favorite beats of each other's. Proceeds go to covering our expenses on tour, once we have exceeded our goal of 200 copies sold the tour will be completely financed! Thank you for your support!

"As we geared up to announce our tour in September, the idea of a new album of material to help cover gas and random expenses occurred to us. Jesse was big on doing it as a concept-heavy affair, so we decided that doing something beyond a simple mixtape or industry-beat-laden compilation would be the way to go. As such, we decided instead to rap on each other's most coveted beats. Enjoy." - kHill


released August 15, 2012

"My Muse" produced by Alex Adiels.
"Are You Listeining" produced by Squashy Nice.
"Awwwwww Fuck" produced by Fresh Kils.
"Instagram" produced by Mikal kHill.
"Ultraman" produced by DJ Empirical.
"Primordial Ooze" produced by Jesse Dangerously.
"MY NAME IS DEMONOS" produced by Romero Shaw.
"Biggest Losers" produced by Romero Shaw.
"Coming Out Wrong" produced by Joules.
"Paulie Shore" and "mr. self destruct:" produced by Ruckus Roboticus.
"Nerd Cred" produced by Jesse Dangerously & Timbuktu.

All songs mastered by Mikal kHill in the HOUSE OF KHRACK.

All other songs mixed by Mikal kHIll except
"Nerd Cred" mixed by Tribe One.
"MY NAME IS DEMONOS" mixed by cecilnick.
Adam WarRock songs mixed by Adam WarRock.

Album cover by Kevin Church at
Copyright NOFRIENDS Music, 2012. All rights revoked.



all rights reserved


Mikal kHill Charlotte, North Carolina

I make nerdcore rap about videogames, zombies, and feeling bad.
Co-creator of the Browncoats Mixtape & Slytherin Mixtape with Adam WarRock. 1/4th of NOFRIENDS. Founder of the ThoughtCriminals.

Mikal kHill - Vocals, production, various instruments.
Andy Weant - Guitar, Vocals
Jessamine Thursday - Keyboards, Vocals
Sulfur - Bass, Vocals, Vocal percussion.
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Track Name: Mikal kHill - "Mr. Self Destruct" (Original beat from "Bad Mother" by Adam WarRock)
Originally produced by Ruckus Roboticus.