things are looking up.

by Mikal kHill

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Insane Ian
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Insane Ian Garage rock and bedroom recording sensibilities come together, like a DIY fusion of early Beck and White Stripes. Raw, personal, and emotional. Both in-your-face and yet reserved. And far, far too short. Love this. Favorite track: Just Trying To Have A Good Time (We All Might Die).
Dual Core
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Dual Core I love this guy so much. He is one of the bravest and most honest people I have ever met. I am glad that music comes bursting out Mikal as it makes me happy to listen to his creations. Really digging the mixing, as well. Kudos to cecilnick of Autocorrect. Earth is a better place with Mikal kHill and cecilnick on it. Favorite track: Just Trying To Have A Good Time (We All Might Die).
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modem sad man makes sad music Favorite track: Life's Just A Party (I Guess).


An album of sloppy (yet mostly danceable) garage rock and bad feelings by emcee/producer, Mikal kHill.


released November 17, 2017

Mikal kHill - Guitars, Fretless U-Bass, Drum programming, Vocals.

Andy Weant - Guitar on "Life's Just A Party" and "Fucked It All Up," backing vocals on "Fucked It All Up."
Jessamine Thursday - Keyboards (on "Life's Just A Party" and "Fucked It All Up")

Andy & Jessamine are from the band Earth That Was.

Recorded and written by Mikal kHill at skHullcrusher mountain.
Mixed and mastered by cecilnick of Autocorrect.

The cover is a picture I took of the ceiling above my hospital bed.


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Mikal kHill Boone, North Carolina

I make sadcore minimalist doomrap.

Member of:
Two Weeks Notice.


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Track Name: Just Trying To Have A Good Time (We All Might Die)
Back stroke, baby, working it out
Adrift in a river of shit
Check it out it is the new style baby
With a fresh dystopian twist
back peddle, baby, you got a lot to disprove
And it’s been coming all down to this
Can’t stop running with the blades at your back
At your worst, you’re still better than this.

I’m just trying to have a good time
Because we all might die tonight.
I’m just trying to have a good time.
Because we all might die tonight.

Got a big bottle of unresolved issues
A couple glasses and no self control
It’s been a long time since i gave a fuck
It’a couple days since we rock and rolled
I been fucking drowning in public and on stage
A downward spiral on public display
I got a lot of words even with nothing to say
So here’s your count down, lets get carried away

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